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2013 Slam Grant Awardees

Our 2013 Slam Grants have been announced. The Puppet Slam Grant has become more competitive since it started in 2006. This year we received over 50 Slam Surveys. PSN has grown to over 70 events encompassing not just the contiguous US, but also Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada. PSN now spans 4 continents and as far as Copenhagen, London, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem!

These are the puppet slams, which received funding in 2013:

Adult Puppet Cabaret #SanDiego
Adult Puppet Slam #Phoenix
Austin Puppet Incident #Austin
Beady Little Eyes #Portland
Blood From A Turnip #Providence
Cabaret Automata #LA
Café Concret #Montreal /
Great Small Works Spaghetti Dinner #NYC
CalArts Puppet Cabaret #Valencia
Dolly Wiggler Cabaret #Calgary /
Professor Willikers Puppet Slam #Arcata
Winnipeg Puppet Slam #Winnipeg
Forbidden Puppet Cabaret #Vallejo
Full Moon Cabaret #Minneapolis
Fussy Cloud #Seattle
KC Puppet Slam #KansasCity
King Friday's Dungeon #Portland #ME
The Late Night Puppet Slam at DragonCon #ATL
Nasty, Brutish & Short #Chicago
National Puppet Slam #Swathmore
Playhouse Puppetry Slam #GlenEcho
The Puckin’ Fuppet Show
Puppet Manualfesto #Philadelphia
Puppet Meltdown #Chicago
Puppet Pandemic #NYC
Puppet Parlor #NYC
Puppet Playlist #NYC
Puppet Pot Pie #Hartford
Puppet Showplace Slam #Brookline
Puppet Slam Cafe #Huntington
Puppet Slamwich #Baltimore
Puppetsploitation #Houston
Singing Picture Show #NYC
Sobre La Mesa #SanJuan
Spork In Hand #Columbia
Strung Out #Cincinnati
Titeretada - Noches De Cabaret #SanJuan
UConn Puppet Slam #Storrs
Wham Bam Puppet Slam #Asheville

Please read on to learn more about the requirements for funded slams in 2013 or if your puppet slam plans to apply in the future...

 2013 Puppet Slam Grant Requirements:
If you received funding for your Puppet Slam, you must:

1. Produce a minimum of 1 puppet slam in 2013. We define a puppet slam to include events that featuring live, contemporary, short-form puppetry and/or Object Theater from a variety of artists geared toward adults. We encourage you to produce more than 1 event.

2. Email Calendar Submissions.  Send us complete Calendar Submission information on time. Details on our monthly PSN mailings are below.

3. Get the word out. Your puppet slam must be advertised to the general public as a puppet slam. We ask that you maintain a slam-specific website or public social media page that we can link our audiences back to We recommend getting a Facebook Page, if you do not have a dedicated website already and posting upcoming events on our Facebook Page. A Facebook Page will be required in 2014.

4. Complete a Slam Survey by Tuesday, October 1st, 2013.  The Slam Survey will serve as a final report for 2013 and determine 2014 Slam Grants. 2014 Slam Surveys will become available in the Summer and will be due on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 (via email only). We use the Slam Surveys as an annual opportunity to update information on our websites, directories and social media.

5.  Take Pictures.  At a minimum, we ask for three photos taken at your puppet slam. These do not have to be from a professional photographer if that is all you have access to.  Only include photos, which PSN has permission to publish and distribute.  Photos must be captioned with the slam name, primary artist, year, and photographer name and will be due in the next Survey.  We have used photos on our website, for presentations, in printed materials, on social media, print ads, and in other marketing efforts.

6. Be In Touch.  From time to time we may ask for follow-up information, we will need your prompt response to correspondences. Send emails to, our preferred method of communication.

7. Credit PSN.  Credit PSN on event invites, slam websites, posters, and fliers with “Funding made possible in part by the Puppet Slam Network”  Our logo can be grabbed from our facebook page or website.
Funding Restrictions:

Slam Grants are not intended for:

o    Evenings of films (including presentations of Handmade Puppet Dreams)

o    Long-form puppetry, full-length work, or evenings featuring 1 artist or company

o    Festivals (unless it happens to be a festival of puppet slams)

o    Overhead for your Theater Company, organization, or educational institution

o    Workshops and other educational activities

o    Events geared toward children, or advertised as “family-friendly”

o    Private parties or events that are not advertised to the general public

Our Calendar:

We put out a monthly calendar with basic information on Puppet Slams happening that month and also a brief look ahead into the year. Our calendar is sent via direct email to our contact list and reposted and tweeted on social media and through community distribution lists.

To collect information efficiently and create accurate copy for the month, all funded puppet slams (and slams who wish to receive funding) are required to email Calendar Submissions on time. Please also review future event listings and let us know of any changes, postponements, or cancellations as soon as possible before the Submission Deadline for that month.

You may download Calendar Submission forms here, but you must email them back in Word .doc format:

Please make a note of our upcoming Calendar Submission Deadlines:

                                     1st Quarter 2013          
Slam Month:
Submissions due by:
Jan 2013
Feb 2013
Mar 2013
 Fri, February 22nd, 2013
                                  3rd Quarter 2013                               
Slam Month:
Submissions due by:
July 2013
 Mon, June 24th, 2013
Aug 2013
 Thu, July, 25th, 2013
Sept 2013
 Fri, August 23rd, 2013
                                 2nd Quarter 2013                               
Slam Month:
Submissions due by:
Apr 2013
 Mon, March 25th, 2013
May 2013
 Wed, April 24th, 2013
Jun 2013
 Fri, May 24th, 2013
                                  4th Quarter 2013                               
Slam Month:
Submissions due by:
Oct 2013
Tue, Sept 24th, 2013
Nov 2013
Fri, November 25th, 2013
Dec 2013
Fri, December 22nd, 2013

Facebook: We encourage you to post invites, photos, ticket links, calls for performers, and any other information about your puppet slam on our Page.  Many of you also have created FB Pages and invites for your events. That is fantastic! Please also take the extra step of posting these events on our wall so that the larger community will know about them and also link back to us so that your audiences will know about PSN.

Twitter: You can follow or tweet us @puppetslam.

Blogger:  If you have something longer to say, say it on our blog.  Perhaps you would like to interview someone from the PSN, write a review of a slam, talk shop, or put out a call for performers. Contact Marsian to be invited as a contributor to our Blog.

Website: You can now search Slam Profiles on alphabetically, by city, region, or country. We hope that you will use this  resource to find other slams in your area and to help find a wider range of performers in your area.

Directory: Our Directory is a spread sheet with each Puppet Slam, Curator, Curator Email and Slam Website.  You can use this resource to locate other curators and find nearby traveling acts.

Puppet Films: If you received funding this year, IBEX Puppetry (our parent organization) will make Handmade Puppet Dreams available for the benefit of your audiences to be screen outside of your puppet slam. Please contact for further details.

Thanks for all that you do and keep on slamming!

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