Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grants for the Production of New Slam Pieces - Deadline: 6/15/12

Grants for the Production of New Slam Pieces!

The Puppet Company (in Glen Echo, MD), is offering two grants of $500 each for the development and presentation of puppetry works specifically for Slam presentation.  These first awards are being granted for pieces to be presented at the next Playhouse Puppetry Slam in the fall of 2012.

They are accepting applications by email only and are asking for the following to be sent to (Allan Stevens)

1) Name, address, phone and email
2) A brief biography or resume, focusing on your work in puppetry
3) Whether you are working alone or with a company or group
4) A description of the piece you are proposing, not to exceed one page
5) Photographs of your work

The Deadline for application: Midnight June 15, 2012. The announcement of winners: June 30, 2012

Obligations:  The new piece must be between 5 and 10 minutes in length, and must performed at the next Playhouse Puppetry Slam at the Puppet Co. Playhouse in Glen Echo, MD, AND at one other east coast Slam of your choosing.  All entries must be must created with an understanding of “puppet” defined as “…any inanimate object, disassociated body part, or shadow image made to move and to have the appearance of life and personality distinctly independent from the puppeteer in control.”

A payment of $400 will be made upon the announcement of selection.  The additional $100 will be paid upon presentation at the Playhouse Puppetry Slam.

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