Thursday, July 21, 2011

2012 Puppet Slam Survey & Directions

The 2012 Puppet Slam Survey and Directions are now available for download.
First, please download and read the directions (PDF file):

Then download the Survey as a Word Doc and return to as a Word Doc no later than September 1st, 2011.

Contact for any questions well before the deadline.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Journey to The National Puppetry Festival, Georgia, Atlanta 2011

In so many words, I will not be able to put down in writing my experience at the National Puppetry Festival this past week. It was my first, and I am hooked for life.
Puppeteers are a very unique type of human. I have met quite a few of them, starting two and a half years ago, with the introduction to my lovely Erin Orr. She opened up this world of people to me, leading me to work with her, Lake Simons, Rima Fand and many other lovely, incredibly talented and generous people on my Wolfy film. But this past week, I got it in a full dose, morning to night, five consecutive days.
Puppeteers like to breath life into any object, animate the simplest of things to the most complex. Yes, I knew that already. I’ve done it all my life without realizing it, and also without any reciprocal action from those around me. I didn’t think anything was wrong with me (I thought something was wrong with them); I just knew that I was different, and that was that. These past five days, I have found that there are others like me, humans who respond to scarf or a simple stuffed puppet, with a genuine spirit of play, awe, tenderness and joy. I was shocked. I mean, we’re talking adults here, and they love it, they add sounds, they look at how it’s made, they’re curious, and they are really attentive people. This bunch is the most supportive, loving and accepting group of individuals (and audience) I have ever met.
Two years ago I performed a short Wolfy piece live at Lake’s living room, in front of eight people. Last week I performed it live, including singing (!!!), for the first time in front of a large audience. Even though I consider myself a filmmaker-puppeteer, I am branching out and I love it. I couldn’t have done it without their support.
I felt at home.
I’ve crossed the ocean with a dream and one suitcase. I have tons of stuff now, and I can finally, finally say, I have found my family.
Make puppets. Play. Share.
Leat Klingman

Great Small Works Ice Cream Social

A special GREAT SMALL WORKS Spaghetti Dinner...

milk flyer

Milk Not Jails * Jenny Romaine* Great Small Works Spaghetti Dinner*

Dixon Place Hot! Festival and Gaby Cryan*

invite you to an ice cream social.

Ice Cream Sunday is coming to Dixon Place!

Sunday July 24, 2011 6:30-930

Dixon Place's Hot! Festival of LGBTQ Performance.

$10.00 ice cream, game tickets and the show!

161A Chrystie St. Between Rivington and Delancey

Milk Not Jail's says: “If rural New York’s economic survival depends on my habits,

I’d rather drink their milk than go to their prison.”

Melt your mind with fresh local ice cream and hot queer political desire.

Come to an old fashioned homosexual ice cream social and learn about what milk and jails have to do with one another.

Enjoy ice cream and entertainment

Revel in a garden of glistening glitter cherries, enjoy the milk drunk antics of the Ice cream cone mascot, look exquisite in our photo booth, wander through the flags, the games, the candy stripes, the banners, the costume room,

the hot silk screened patches and zines.


Shimmering heavenly MC Killer Sideburns

The Butter Milk Brothers

Copper Henningfield (World's Greatest Magician) in a new stage illusion act by Jenny Romainefeaturing

smooth barbershop tones (Xavier, Sully Ross and siblings)

French Phenomenon NiNi, Lee Free & Jessica Lurie, additional directing by Jennifer Miller

Creamy Cavalcade of Stars music by

EmJay: creme de la creme of DJ's

Freezy Frozen photo parlor with Jennifer Miller and Lee Houck

Celebrity swirls and rants by The Sylvia Rivera Law Project crew, Becca Blackwell, J. Dellacave, and YOU in the

Full gender spectrum Dairy Princ/ess pageant

Create a persona, project your mission, win amazing economic and political change (and prizes)


Lovely, delicious, one delightful dream...

Demand a new urban-rural relationship.

And taste good doing it!
"…As an organization MILK NOT JAILS seeks to mobilize and empower new political leaders for criminal justice and economic development reform. The campaign also expects to develop and test new social change strategies, both in it's focus on overcoming the obstacles to criminal justice reform and in its creation of economic incentives-- in this case a dairy marketing cooperative-- for political alliance building."