"[PSN] has given us a sense of belonging to a wide dynamic network. The grant has helped us to give something back to the puppeteers involved. It is great seeing what other puppeteers are doing."
- Deborah Hunt, 
Sobre La Mesa #SanJuan

"The Puppet Slam Network has helped us achieve our goals and put on successful slams in our community, by both giving us the funds to produce slams and pay performers, as well as connecting us to other slams, puppeteers and performers. This has broadened our reach in the puppetry community and our own."
- Valerie Meis

"The PSN has provided funds to secure venues and supplies needed to make high-quality nights of entertainment possible for our Puppetry Guild."
- Hannah Miller

“[PSN] opened my interest to continue and raise a greater awareness on puppetry.”
- Irina Niculescu

"It has helped us maintain visibility both within and outside the CalArts community, kept people informed of our activities and upcoming events, and raised awareness of our work in the puppetry community at large."
- Leah Olbrich

"It has helped us begin dialogues with other slams around the world, which is awesome."
- Joel Orr
Puppetsploitation # Houston #Galveston

"We were quite happy to be able to pay our artists a decent stipend. Most of the performers traveled good distances to perform together."
- Dave Buchen

Read more testimonials from 2012 and 2011.

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