Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great Small Works Spaghetti May Day Dinner

Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 8PM
One Arm Red
10 Jay Street, 9th floor
DUMBO, Brooklyn
Sliding scale, $5-$15
Info: 917-319-8104


Come celebrate after a day of great displays of common interest and shared physical expression. Contemplate the power that arises from collectively withdrawing cooperation and consent, however you do it...

1. Stagger Back Brass Band
Celebrating the 6th annual Stagger Back Brass Band May Day concert/singalong/
extravaganza, featuring Don Godwin, Quince Marcum, Joe Keady, Brian Drye, JR Hankins, Ben Holmes, Jessica Lurie, Greg Squared, Michael Winograd, and Patty Farrell, with singers Eva Primack and Michele Hardesty.

2. Great Small Works' improvised living newspaper shadow show about the events of this May Day 2012.

3. "We Shall Not Be Moved: The Musical Story of the 1937 Woolworth’s Sit-Down Strikes"
Written, Directed and Arranged by Phil Andrews,
featuring Cara Francis, Josh Lerner, Xavier, Sully Ross and Jessie Reilly, with Ava Farkas, Naomi Podber and Judy Shatsky Music by Apocalypse Five and Dime: Joe Keady, Phil Andrews, Rebecca Heinegg, Michele Hardesty, Quince Marcum, Cassandra Burrows, Adam Katzman and Heather Cole.

4. A May Day Crankie by Vermont puppeteer and filmmaker Meredith Holch

5. "Bloomberg’s Fifth Largest Army in the World: Puppet Study #1"
Puppeteer Maura Gahan teams up with Brookyn-based Jacobs/Campbell Dance for a brand new work. Dancers shout, spit, and high kick in cardboard masks with movement references from the 1930s Workers Dance League, Mayor Bloomberg, and N.Y.C.’s finest dancers: the NYPD.

Food and drink will be available throughout the night.
Please come by and share stories of how you occupied your May Day!

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